Method: Search for Objects


Search in unencrypted meta data to locate objects.

URL Syntax


HTTP Method


Successful HTTP Response



Parameter name Description Parameter type Type Mandatory Comment
X-Http-Token StoredSafe token HTTP Header String 1) Preferred method
token StoredSafe token JSON-encoded String 1) Legacy method
needle Search string URL-parameter String Yes Case insensitive

*) One of the methods (HTTP Header or JSON-encoded) is required.

Response Attributes

Attribute Description Type
CALLINFO.errorcodes Number of errors Integer
CALLINFO.errors Number of errors Integer
CALLINFO.general Information Array
CALLINFO.handler Handler used String
CALLINFO.message Message from handler (if successful) String
CALLINFO.token StoredSafe token to be used in subsequent calls String
HEADERS HTTP Headers Object
DATA Supplied data in API-call Object
OBJECT OBJECT entry Array Object-ID String
OBJECT.parentid Parent-ID String
OBJECT.templateid Template-ID String
OBJECT.groupid Vault-ID String
OBJECT.status Status (Active, Follows policy) String
OBJECT.objectname Name of object String
OBJECT.filename Filename (if a file) String
OBJECT.children Any children String
OBJECT.notes Encrypted notes String
OBJECT.tags Tags associated with the object String
OBJECT.alarmed Should an alarm sound if object is decrypted? String
OBJECT.public Public data (Depends on Template used, see supplied TEMPLATES) Object
TEMPLATES TEMPLATES (Glue) Used templates in the vault Array Template-ID String Template-ID String Name of template String Icon used for template String Active (True/False) Boolean Use workbench for edit? (Always use “ed” if false. Boolean Edit directly? (no subitems) Boolean Jump to parent on save? Boolean
TEMPLATES.structure Template Structure Array
TEMPLATES.structure.translation Descriptive text (english) String
TEMPLATES.structure.type Type of element (text, textarea, text-passwdgen, file) String
TEMPLATES.structure.encrypted Is field encrypted? Boolean Show field normally or only in workbench? Boolean
TEMPLATES.structure.policy Should field honor Vaults password policy? Boolean
TEMPLATES.structure.alarm Should alarm sound if object is decrypted? Boolean
TEMPLATES.structure.opt Is this an optional field or is it required to be filled? Boolean Needs to be changed to be considered unseen? Boolean Encrypted fields needs to be clicked to be revealed? Boolean
PARAMS PARAMS (empty) Array


Search thru Vaults and objects this user has at least Read access to, for the string “pfsense”.


GET /api/1.0/find?needle=pfSense
x-http-token: your_storedsafe_token


HTTP/2 200
Content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
    "CALLINFO": {
        "errorcodes": 0,
        "errors": 0,
        "general": [],
        "handler": "FindHandler",
        "status": "SUCCESS",
        "token": "rotated_storedsafe_token"
    "DATA": {
        "needle": "pfsense",
        "token": "your_storedsafe_token"
    "HEADERS": {
        "Accept": "*/*",
        "Host": "",
        "User-Agent": "curl/7.64.1",
        "X-Http-Token": "your_storedsafe_token"
    "OBJECT": [
            "alarmed": false,
            "children": "0",
            "filename": "",
            "groupid": "121",
            "id": "1368",
            "notes": false,
            "objectname": "",
            "parentid": "0",
            "public": {
                "host": "",
                "info": "The second pfSense fw protecting the ZA branch.",
                "username": "root"
            "status": "1152",
            "tags": "",
            "templateid": "1"
    "PARAMS": [],
    "TEMPLATES": [
            "id": "1",
            "info": {
                "active": true,
                "ico": "ico_server",
                "id": "1",
                "name": "Server",
                "wb": true
            "structure": [
                    "alarm": false,
                    "cc": false,
                    "encrypted": false,
                    "fieldname": "host",
                    "nc": false,
                    "opt": false,
                    "policy": false,
                    "show": true,
                    "translation": "Host",
                    "type": "text"
                    "alarm": false,
                    "cc": false,
                    "encrypted": false,
                    "fieldname": "username",
                    "log": true,
                    "nc": false,
                    "opt": false,
                    "policy": false,
                    "show": true,
                    "translation": "Username",
                    "type": "text"