Method: Password generator


Generates different types of passwords.

URL Syntax


HTTP Method


Successful HTTP Response



Parameter name Description Parameter type Type Mandatory Comment
X-Http-Token StoredSafe token HTTP Header String 1) Preferred method
token StoredSafe token URL-parameter String 1) Legacy method
type Type to generate; pronounceable, diceword, opie, secure, bytes or pin URL-parameter String    
length Set a desired length URL-parameter String   Valid for pronounceable, secure and pin
language Select language (en_US or sv_SE) URL-parameter String   Valid for diceword
delimiter Delimiter between dice words (dash ‘-‘, space ‘ ‘ or default ‘,.] _=:’) URL-parameter String   Valid for diceword and opie
words Number of words (diceword) URL-parameter String   Valid for diceword
min_char Minimum number of characters in a word URL-parameter String   Valid for diceword
max_char Maximum number of characters in a word URL-parameter String   Valid for diceword
policyid Try to match this password policy URL-parameter String    


1) One of the methods is required.


  • secure and pronounceable uses Theodore Ts’o classical pwgen
  • opie uses Thomas Habets fantastic opwgen
  • diceword uses Fredrik Erikssons eminent pwgen
  • bytes uses PHPs random_bytes function for cryptographically secure keys


No parameters will give type secure and length 40.

Generator Type Length Max length Default Settings
pin Integers 4 100  
bytes Hexadecimal (length in bytes) 32 1024  
pronounceable alphanumeric 12 1024  
secure alphanumeric and symbols 40 1024  
opie alpha 128 bit 128 bit delimiter=space
diceword alpha, national charactes, numbers and symbols     language=en_US, words=5, min_char=2, max_char=0, delimiter=,.- _=:

Response Attributes

Attribute Description Type
CALLINFO.errorcodes Number of errors Integer
CALLINFO.errors Number of errors Integer
CALLINFO.general Information Array
CALLINFO.handler Handler used String
CALLINFO.passphrase Generated password String
CALLINFO.length Length of password Integer
CALLINFO.type Password generator used String
CALLINFO.token StoredSafe token to be used in subsequent calls String
DATA Supplied data in API-call String
HEADERS.(headers) HTTP Headers String
PARAMS Route parameters (empty) Array
ERRORCODES Error code and text (Only present if errors) Object
ERRORS Error code and text (Only present if errors) Array


Generates the default type password (secure) of the default length (40 characters).


GET /api/1.0/utils/pwgen
x-http-token: your_storedsafe_token


HTTP/2 200
content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
        "errorcodes": 0,
        "errors": 0,
        "general": [],
        "handler": "UtilsHandler",
        "status": "SUCCESS",
        "passphrase": "Sz(6Q~si\"`WACS:b\\{[Y~A~Bs+dn\\uTrG5/eG}yf",
        "length": 40,
        "type": "secure"
        "token": "rotated_storedsafe_token"
"DATA": {
        "token": "your_storedsafe_token"
        "Accept": "*/*",
        "Host": "",
        "User-Agent": "curl/7.64.1",
        "X-Http-Token": "your_storedsafe_token"
        "PARAMS": []